To be honest there is couple of reasons why I keep neglecting this blog.

First of all, I am not sure still what direction to move with it. Do I want to make it distant blog-like, or do I want to make it more personal, diary-like? Do I want to make it a place to talk about my daily life activities including unimportant stuff, I did that i ate this sort of thing?  Can’t even decide if capitalizing the I is necessary, cuz usually i don’t bother.

Besides in the past months I’ve been riding some broken rollercoaster of interests and emotions, especially the past 2 months were wild. Actually at the moment I’m still stuck in a very uncertain situation, which drains me emotionally quite a lot, so… really, what do I do? I’m superstitious a lot too, so it’s important to me not to talk about stuff that is not decided yet.

Probably, first of all I need to get my personal stuff to get sorted out and then I most likely would want to continue diary-like way. I am tired of swinging around, and I really need to fix on something, probably a diary would be a good idea.

To wrap it up, here is a photo of me from visiting St. Petersburg, and the Finn Gulf at the Peterhof Lower gardens. I’m Pisces, so I felt absolutely free here, breathing on salty sea breeze, getting all iodine from the air.

im pisces

I’m Pisces, ok

Game of Thrones festival vs ice cream festival

Game of Thrones became really popular nowdays in Moscow, and I got really upset, that I’ve somehow missed the memo about public last episode watch at one of the open-air cinemas in Moscow park. I got super envious looking through instagram tag at everyone who was having fun and eating Jon Snow head shaped ice creams. WHAT.

So once I found out that there will be a Game of Thrones festival at Hermitage Garden in Moscow I got ready in no time! Me and my friend arrived around two hours after the festival was opened and I was quite surprised by the amount of people that showed up. And there were a lot of families with kids, but literally everyone was discussing the show, so no random people wandering.

The amount of people is no joke

The amount of people is no joke

However despite the hype around this event it was rather dull… The garden was too small, so it was a bit annoying to walk around, and it was hard to take a photo without someone’s feet or butt in a frame.

Game of Thrones festival in Moscow

Game of Thrones festival in Moscow

Game of Thrones festival in Moscow

Jaime Lannister’s iron hand. It is actually a glove, so anyone could try it on!

Forgery masters in the process of producing an iron armour. Not exactly a masterclass but gathered quite a crowd around

Forging masters in the process of producing an iron armour. Not exactly a masterclass but gathered quite a crowd around

Forging master at work

Forging master at work

Tired and already annoyed cosplayers of Daenerys, Melisandre, Margaery and Jon Snow who desperately and without any success were searching for a calm place to crash and eat without someone trying to sneak a photo with them. Although I must say, it was just barely two hours since the festival had opened, so they expired and wore off their friendliness a bit too early.

People entertaining themselves

People entertaining themselves

And there was a long line for everything. Wanna take a photo with a huge black crow? Get in a line. Want to get some snacks from the Stark’s house? Get in a line. Wanna take a photo to sit on the Iron Throne? Get in a line. We asked people in front, how long have they been standing and they said, 2 hours… Needless to say, we gave up our chances!

The line to sit on the Iron Throne and take a photo

The line to sit on the Iron Throne and take a photo

Aside from that, there wasn’t much else to do. We shopped around for a little while more but no luck. We didn’t want to get a serious lunch, but all the pies and cookies were sold out already… We took some photos with carton stands of Tyrion and Jon, waved a plastic sword around and left to find something more exciting in another part of the city!

Stark house is preparing an entire fried piglet

Stark house is preparing an entire fried piglet

We later walked to the center and found ourselves at the ice cream festival. We wanted to try something really special, some unusual flavor and we came across the pop up shop of the “Chainaya Vysota” – Ice cream and tea house. They offer a wide variety of tea based ice creams and sorbets with Russia inspired flavors.

My choice was “Black on Black” – blueberry ice cream with basil and black pepper, and “Borodino” rye ice cream with herbs. Both were so unusual and delicious I almost bit my own tongue. And once they melted a bit and mixed…. WOW.  We took the advertising booklet, that listed 132 different flavors, birch juice, tilia honey, rye and malt, rose, chestnuts etc… Definitely going to visit the original tea house to taste more of those!!!

Black on Black and Borodino ice cream ♥

Black on Black and Borodino ice cream ♥

Guilty 🙇

Abandoned my newborn blog for a while and feel extremely guilty about it.

Although I did took photos and drafted some ideas like my spring trip to Kolomna,  trip to Seoul and all the spring blooms, Everland and FOOD FOOD FOOD, korean make up (VDL shadows and 3CE lippie review), bike rides on VDNKH, peonies and shamrock field at the Kolomensky park, etc… But was too lazy to actually get myself together and post at least something. Yikes. Shame on me.

Definitely going to post those within the nearest month! And ahead I have a trip to my hometown for a weekend to deal with some family business! For now here is a picture of a handsome passenger I met at Karosu-gil in Seoul while meeting up with a dear friend.

Brown in Seoul

LINE messenger mascot Brown at Karosu-gil, Sinsa, Seoul


April 12th – Cosmonautics Day

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

April 12th – Cosmonautics Day! 55 years anniversary of first human in space!

Cosmonautics Day

Today, April 12th, is 55 years anniversary of one of the greatest achievement in human history! Exactly 55 years ago, on April 12th 1961, first human went to space, traveled around our planet and successfully came back! This person was Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. His flight truly opened the space for everyone, and this day is being celebrated in Russia as “Cosmonautics Day”.

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Moscow has an amazing museum dedicated to preparation for his space travel and to the development of the space industry globally! Me and my sister went there just rencetly and I was absolutely amazed by what I’ve seen there. I wish I could come back again and take better photos of course, spend some more time reading all explanations…

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics - Cosmonaut spacesuit

Soviet Cosmonaut spacesuit. Original!

Honestly, I somehow thought before that spacesuits are made of plastic, and are very light weight. In reality they are made of several layers of special fabric and are extremely heavy! In museum you can see original outer space suits of Soviet cosmonauts, American astronauts, and inner suits for wearing inside the space station that were gifted to the museum.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics - Space food

Space food samples! Liquid and hehydratable bars of various food to provide nutitious meals for people on a space station.

Actually I loved to read about space since childhood, and visiting this museum felt almost surreal!! Cuz just thinking that just 60 years ago humans haven’t flew to space yet and now there are space tourism starting up!!! I believe in 20 years or so I’ll go to space myself and snap some photos from there 📷🚀

I regret not taking my DSLR to this museum, so I can’t show off some items like first Earth satellites, Yuri Gagaring photos from right before the flight and his landing, space shuttle and space station real life size models, space garden models and so on.

This museum no doubt is an absolutely must-visit place in Moscow! Breathtaking and very educating museum that is interesting for visitors of any age.

Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics interior

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

Moscow Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics interior

Museum URL: http://www.kosmo-museum.ru/
Location: VDNKH subway station, prospekt Mira 111

Ticket price is quite cheap, although if you plan on taking photos with your DSLR it requires an additional special ticket. Phone photos should be okay.

NYX make up haul in Moscow!

NYX make up haul Moscow

NYX hot singles eyeshadows “Over The Taupe” and “Cupcake”, NYX matte lipstick in “Natural”

Excited to show off the NYX products I managed to finally find in the area!

NYX is a very mysterious brand in Russia! You never know if it’s actually available in any drugstore it is supposed to be. On their site they may be announced in a certain store but they won’t even have a NYX corner… But I was really determined to get exactly those items and my patience was rewarded! Matte lipstick in “Natural”, their famous taupe shadows “Over The Taupe” and pinky “Cupcake” fitting my skintone to replace Laura Mercier “Morning Dew” for blending~

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Cupcake date 🍧

Last Saturday me and my friend had a cupcake date! We were choosing between two sweet-shops, and in the end decided to go to Magnolia Bakery. Simply because a) they offer bigger variety of everything b) The interior of their bakery is super cute and girly, and that was exactly what we needed to fully deal with our sweet craving!


Cupcakes Magnolia Bakery Moscow

Pastel color cupcakes carousel at Magnolia Bakery in Moscow

Meringue kisses Magnolia Bakery Moscow

Tiny pastel pink meringue kisses at Magnolia Bakery in Moscow

carrie bradshaw cupcake at magnolia bakery moscow

Gentle pastel pink vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting “Carrie Bradshaw” with a tiny daisy on top. Obviously inspired by the famous character of everyone’s favorite TV-show “Sex and the City”.

Caramel Pekan cheesecake Magnolia Bakery Moscow

Absolutely sinful caramel & pekan cheesecake

Red Velvet cheesecake Magnolia Bakery Moscow

Red velvet cheesecake with rich flavor. So soft, it literally mells in your mouth.

Red Velvet cheesecake, Lemon cheesecake, pistachio cupcake at Magnolia bakery Moscow

Red Velvet cheesecake, Lemon cheesecake, pistachio cupcake at Magnolia bakery Moscow

To be very honest, I am not a big fan of sweets. Although sometimes I wake up and realize that I need something extremely sweet and big enough to make me dizzy on sugar, so after that I will not want any sweets for couple of months.

Magnolia bakery serves cupcakes, cheescakes, cookies and regular cakes. More than enough to put anyone in sugar coma. Bright, rich flavor, melting in your mouth cheesecakes? Yes, please. Pastel color cupcakes with soft cake-base and fluffy mellow icing? Pack two, please.

My choice: lemon cheesecake, and to-go pack of 2 “Carrie Bradshaw” cupcakes for me and my mom, pistachio cupcake for my dad and a “Humming-bird” cupcake with pine-apple and banana cake base for my sister. My friend’s choice: Red velvet cupcake.

Mischief managed ✓

URL: http://magnoliabakery.ru/


Where to find one the best bird’s-eye view of Moscow

Finally the spring is truly here! So me and my friend were super determined to go out! Of course we got overly excited and put on thin spring coats but the weather turned out to be surprisingly chilly… So we had to shorten our route and choose something fast but super cool!!

If you want to get an absolutely spectacular view on Moscow you should definitely come to the Central Children’s Store on Lubyanka Square! The location is perfect, close to the subway, in the center of the city and the area is fully booked with cute restaurants and coffee shops. This is exactly where we went!

Recently opened after the renovation, the Central Children’s Store became some sort of hang out place for families with children and teenagers rather than just actual store. And teenagers always appreciate two things: good fast food & free entrance! 🙂 Central Children’s Store provides both!

The observation platform is easy to access: hop on the elevators and get to the 4th floor, pass through the food court and get upstairs on the roof. Might get a bit crowded on sunny days and weekends, but you won’t wait long to get your spot!

Amazing place for A class selfies and beautiful city shots! A must go in my opinion!

URL: http://cdm-moscow.ru/
Working hours: 10 am to 10 pm every day

moscow view on lubyanka square

View on Lubyanka square and Bolshaya Lubyanka Street

moscow view from central childrens store

View on Moscow from the Central Children’s Store

moscow view from central childrens store

View on Moscow from the Central Children’s Store

Countdown to spring

Weather forecast says, it is supposed to be the last winter week in Moscow. Starting from the next Monday, it will get up to +7 and become more and more warm. All we have to do is to survive this last cold week and -10 degrees mornings.

I believe, once Monday passes, the rest of week will fly in no time~ For now, sleep well, eat well and drink at least of 2l of clean water a day. And stay warm, wherever you are! Tuesday? No problem!

Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow

Nikitsky Boulevard, Moscow


Some tv series shooting at the Kalashny Alley behind the Nikitsky boulevard in Moscow

“The Rehearsal of Spring” at the Moscow “Apothecaries’ Garden”

Day after my birthday, 28th of February, we went to an exhibition called “The rehearsal of Spring” at the Moscow Botanic Garden “Apothecaries’ Garden”.

End of February is the time, when everyone is literally craving for spring. According the calendar, spring is just around the corner, although in reality it’s not quite right. March is a weird month in Moscow, the weather is still winter-like, although the day time is longer now. Citizens wake up during the sunrise and go off work while it is still day outside. Affects the mood quite greatly~ And even though it’s 0 to -5 outside, on a sunny day you can feel the warmth on your ears. Feels nice!

The exhibition at the Apothecaries’ Garden was announced on TV and on various SNS, so as expected the line was super long (we had to wait for about an hour outside!) and it was quite a lot of people in the glass house itself. We went on Sunday, and tickets were sort of cheap (200 rubles for an adult), so we expected the crowd.

The line led us through the garden, covered in snow. Should definitely come back here in May, when the snow will melt and all the plants around will be in bloom~

Once we went inside, I was overwhelmed by the amount of colorful spring blooms ♥ Such a contrast with the white and unfriendly landscape outside! I’ve never even seen that many of different colors of tulips… And I finally saw the most beautiful in my opinion spring flower, a snowdrop! I remember those from my childhood~ Nowdays snowdrops are considered as rare plants, and it is prohibited to sell bouquets of snowdrops that were grown naturally in a forest.

No wonder this exhibition got so popular, that they had to extend it by two more days! And in the end of the exhibition Botanical Garden gave away 1000 pots with hyacinth and muscari plants! I’m a bit sad I couldn’t attend the giveaway…

Sharing some photos I’ve made on my phone:


A snowdrop (galanthus)

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Regular day

I’ve decided to start this blog without the “hello world this is my first entry” post and attaching an artsy picture of a laptop with 40% fade effect applied. Instead, I’ll just start from today, as they do it in sci-fi movies, just throw you into the universe they’ve created without a foreword and good luck! I love sci-fi so that is what I’m going to do! Woo

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